When cbm first found Esther, clubfoot, a congenital condition, was twisting her right foot down and inward.

Esther didn't walk far from her front door. It hurt her foot and leg too much. And the taunts of neighbour kids hurt her heart too much.

By partnering with cbm Canada, the Jolica Foundation is giving children like Esther the gift of straight feet and a brighter future.

For every $1,000 in Jolica retail sales, a child in the Democratic Republic of Congo will get the series of casts and minor surgery he or she needs to walk, play and live independently.

Today, Esther doesn't just walk to school she runs!

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Many youth in Morocco face an uncertain future. The education system has prepared them for government jobs that do not exist. As a result approximately 40% of youths, aged 15-29 are unemployed with little hope for the future. In partnership with MEDA, the Jolica Foundation is providing business training for these young people preparing them to either work in an established business or start their own new business. The participation of the MasterCard Foundation in this project means that every $1000 in retail Jolica sales allows another student to enrol in this life-changing program.